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 «CANNAROL» | CBD oil with 0% THC

Would you like to benefit from the advantages of CBD and at the same time completely abstain from THC? Then "CANNAROL" is the right choice for you.   

"CANNAROL" is created by mixing the MCT carrier oil with purified CBD extract. This CBD extract is partially isolated and reassembled without the THC.  

«CANNAROL» is the most digestible and mildest of all our CBD oils.   

The taste typical of hemp is reduced to a tolerable level and provides little to no scratchiness in the throat.


Our CBD oil goes through additional filters and distillations. This is how the golden-amber colour comes about. This indicates a higher proportion of terpenes (entourage effect) than in other CBD oils. The result is a mild, high-quality oil that you can take under the tongue "sublingually" or in your favourite drink.  



Analysed & certified


10 ml bottle
THC content: 0.00%
Carrier: MCT oil
Broad spectrum CBD oil.
Organic certified. 

Contains neither pollutants nor heavy metals.

"CANNAROL" is free of chlorophyll as well as THC.

Identity documents on product quality, safety and traceability at swissbiocannbis.

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