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«Braindrops Triple» | CBD-CBG-CBN-oil

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Triple 5 contains: 5% CBD, 5% CBN and 5% CBG. CHF 98.- 
500mg CBD + 500mg CBN + 500mg CBG = 1500mg cannabinoids 

Triple 10 contains: 10% CBD, 10% CBN and 10% CBG. CHF 159.- 
1000mg CBD + 1000mg CBN + 1000mg CBG = 3000mg cannabinoids 


«Braindrops» is the name of our new formula, which combines the three strongest cannabinoids in one tincture: 

- CBD-Cannabidiol («Feetropfen»): Anti-inflammatory, relaxing for muscles    and mind, sleep-inducing, increases general well-being. 

- CBG-Cannabigerol («PureHemp»): Neuroprotective, can help with memory impairment,      Alzheimer's, whiplash and Parkinson's. 

- CBN-Cannabinol («CANNAMIN»): Sleep-inducing, relaxing. 


With the "Braindrops" we offer you the true all-rounder! With its 3 components CBD, CBG and CBN, this oil supports you in many different ways. Whether for the treatment of sore muscles and inflammations, the accompanying treatment and prevention of neurotic diseases or as a support for a healthy, deep sleep: the "Braindrops" are there for you. 


Our CBD oil goes through additional filters and distillations. This is how the golden-amber colour comes about. This indicates a higher proportion of terpenes (entourage effect) than in other CBD oils. The result is a mild, high-quality oil that you can take under the tongue "sublingually" or in your favourite drink.