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«Feekapseln» | CBD capsules with 6% CBD

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Our CBD capsules correspond to 24% CBD oil sublingual.   

Why? Quite simple: The bioavailability is significantly higher than with oil, almost 100%. 

You don't like the typical taste of hemp? Then these capsules are your ideal companions. Unlike our oils, the "Feekapseln" do not have a noticeable taste in the mouth.  

The capsules have an anti-inflammatory, calming and sleep-promoting effect and can even provide relief for chronic illnesses such as Crohn's disease. 

40 capsules 
1 capsule contains 6% CBD 
THC content <0.2%  
Decarboxylated CBD 


Fall asleep, sleep through, simply shut down.
In order to be in harmony with yourself, both physically and mentally, and to give your body the necessary energy for the challenges of the day, restful sleep is essential.  

Healthy sleep recharges the battery, strengthens the body's defences and boosts the metabolism. Furthermore, the brain is only able to perform at full capacity with sufficient sleep. Concentration is also particularly dependent on sleep patterns.   

The reasons why sleep issues are so widespread are extremely diverse and it is important to remedy the lack of sleep in the gentlest possible way. This desire calls CBD onto the scene.  

A look at the following details reveals exactly how our products can help you achieve a more restful sleep and a more balanced everyday life:  


CBD: What effect is the cannabinoid supposed to have on sleep patterns?  
Regardless of whether its improving falling asleep or sleeping through the night: time and again, those affected report that, CBD is excellent for sleeping and that everyday tiredness can also be reduced by CBD. This is especially a matter of individual perception, as clinical studies have not yet fully provided concrete statements. However, since the positive reports on CBD for sleeping and fatigue are increasing, it can be assumed that CBD can optimise sleep on various levels.  

CBD is a so-called cannabinoid - a chemical compound of the hemp plant. It attaches itself to those receptors that are located in the human immune system on the cells or in the nervous system. If there is contact between the cannabinoid and the receptors, the effect of CBD can be felt after only a few seconds. 


Is the CBD effect mild or aggressive?  
If you want to buy CBD oil and look around a little in the CBD world, you will quickly find that there is a wide selection of CBD oils. Especially when using CBD for the first time, many people find the intense hemp flavour and the scratchy throat irritating. In this case, we recommend "CANNAMIN", which is considered a particularly mild and digestible CBD oil. So you don't have to fear a scratchy throat or a significant hemp taste. With "CANNAMIN" we offer you a very gentle oil that contains CBD for falling asleep. You can tell that our CBD oil is of excellent quality by its characteristic amber colour. The CBD content of this oil to support your sleep is particularly high.  


How can CBD be taken for sleep?  
Depending on how you personally feel, you can let CBD oil melt purely under your tongue. The oil is excellently absorbed through the mucous membranes and eventually transported into your body to the appropriate place. You can also take the oil with some liquid and simply mix it with a drink so that it can unfold its effect through the fluid balance.