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Vaporizer «PAX 2»

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Intuitive and no frills, highly efficient for the professional and easy to use for the vapour novice. Clearly, the "PAX 2" would win any beauty award among vaporizers.   

The handling is well thought-out, efficient and simple. The Pax is filled in no time and starts very quickly. Especially when you are on the go, the strong battery ensures multiple use, unlike many competitor products. The temperature of the steam can be easily regulated via 4 levels. Cleaning is limited to the use of pipe cleaners, moreover, the PAX is so well made that no great effort is involved.  

The difference to the "PAX 3" is the scope of delivery and the additional linkability with an app. 

You could imagine steaming, but are still a little unsure? 

We would be happy to offer you the opportunity to test our devices in our branch in Bern.  

Come by, get some advice, and read - er - steam your way in.  

Are you looking for a healthy alternative to smoking?  

With our vaporisers you can enjoy your herbs without worry. The flowers are gently vaporised and the temperature can be easily regulated on the device or - as with the "PAX 3" - via an app.  


By vaporising, you reduce all pollutants such as soot or even embers, which massively damage your lungs through conventional smoking, to an absolute minimum. You can vaporise any type of flower such as sage or even oils.