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Vaporizer «PAX 3»

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The successor of the popular PAX 2 vaporizer is here!  

The next generation brings some improvements with it: The beautiful piece now heats up within 15 seconds and delivers an even stronger and tastier vapour experience 
Due to the improved battery performance, a newer heating element can be installed, which delivers twice the output power of the "PAX 2".

The "PAX 3" is made of high-quality materials throughout, just like its predecessor. The design remains the popular and simple aluminium design, which in this model comes in a high-gloss finish. The "PAX 3" is pleasant to use because it vibrates gently as soon as the device is ready to vaporise and gives almost lively feedback in real time via LED.  

The sensors have also been improved, more precisely the lip sensor and the motion sensor. The four-step temperature setting is very easy to regulate, and the battery level is displayed by gently shaking the device. These are just 2 examples of the simplified functionality.  

The "PAX 3" also comes with three different attachments: two for vaping with dried herbs and one for vaping with concentrates or waxes. Here, too, you have many options to tailor the enjoyment experience to you. This latest model of the "PAX" series can also be controlled via app, which allows even more precise settings and adjustments. For example, you can create different profiles and customise them to your liking. The device can be easily connected to the app and even smaller settings, such as the LED brightness, can be adjusted in seconds. Updates also run seamlessly via the app, which simplifies handling.