The raw materials for our CBD oils and hemp products all come from BioSuisse certified cultivation. The bud stands for impeccable swissness.

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CBD – Your new everyday helper from Mother Nature!

Stress, sleep problems and excessive demands, even burnout, are among the negative influences on the well-being of many people. Do you perform at your best every day, are you wide awake and have to be a good listener, contact person and problem solver in your professional and private life?

This creates stress, can lead to problems falling asleep, promote psychoses or other psychological problems and cause inflammatory reactions in the body. At hemp24 you will find the basis for your physical and mental relaxation thanks to a selected range of CBD products. Whether calming oil drops, soothing ointments or fresh flowers from Swiss agriculture - we rely on the highest quality and certified effectiveness for our products.


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To find the best CBD products,

you can follow some criteria. You can make sure that the CBD products are organic, contain no additives and have been tested by independent laboratories. Also, you can choose products that come from Switzerland, as the legislation and quality standards are very high here, such as swissbiocannabis..

The traceability and transparency of the supply chain of CBD products is an important issue for manufacturers, distributors and consumers. CBD products are made from hemp plants, which contain various ingredients such as cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. These can vary depending on cultivation, harvest, processing and storage. Therefore, to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of CBD products, it is necessary to know and document the origin and path of raw materials and finished products. There are several ways that traceability and transparency of the supply chain of CBD products can be improved. For example, manufacturers can:

  • Acquire organic certificates for the cultivation of hemp.
  • Perform independent laboratory tests to analyze the content of the contents as well as impurities.
  • Capture supply chain data with blockchain technology
  • Place labels on products that provide information about the collection of this data.

Traceability and transparency of the supply chain of CBD products can not only increase consumer confidence, but also reduce the risk of product recalls or legal consequences. It can also contribute to a more sustainable and responsible production of CBD.

Which is the right CBD oil for me? What dosage, CBD, CBG, CBN, THC - what's the difference?
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